VM Cores Required for NFA Accounts

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD)

Whenever you deploy a new VM, the total new and existing vCPU usage for all spot VM instances must not exceed the approved vCPU quota limit. If the quota is exceeded, the VM deployment isn't allowed.

You can request an increase in the vCPU quota limit for the VM series by contacting your CSP or using the Azure portal. An increase in the VM series quota automatically increases the total regional vCPU limit by the same amount.

Work with your Azure distributor by opening a request to change core quotas or follow the steps to increase core quota in an Azure subscription  

When a new NFA account is provisioned, we create a standard set of servers as the foundation of your IT environment in Azure. The Nerdio environment will consume a certain number of cores in your Azure subscription.

Plan Total cores VM series breakdown
NFA Enterprise AVD 13 B: 10
Av2: 1
Dsv3: 2
NFA Professional (25) AVD 14 B: 2
Dsv3: 4
Esv3: 8
NFA Professional (15) AVD 10 B: 2
Dsv3: 4
ESv3: 4
NFA Professional (5) AVD 10 B: 2
Dsv3: 8
NFA Core 2 B: 2


Nerdio Tip

Should your subscription not have sufficient cores quota for a certain VM size or for a region, you must request an increase in quota from Microsoft Azure. See this KB article for steps to request a quota change.

It's important to know when creating a new AVD pool, two hosts get created right off the bat and then one gets removed once the provisioning is complete. As a result, the core quota requirement will be larger than what it appears. Just make sure your quota is large enough to initially spin up 2 hosts. The exact quota requirement will vary depending on the VM series you selected for the pool. Reference THIS article to check the core count on your VM series. 

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