Printing in Windows Virtual Desktop: AVD

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise.

Refer to this KB article to determine if you are a NFA user.

Printing in AVD is handled a little differently than a traditional cloud desktop.  Printing options differ depending on how you connect to your AVD session.

Printing from HTML 5 Web Session

From within an HTML 5 web session you will notice a Remote Desktop Virtual Printer.  Printing to this printer will create a .PDF file that is saved to your downloads folder.  You will then print that .PDF from your local printer.


Printing from Remote Desktop Session

From within a Remote Desktop session your local printers will redirect to your AVD Remote Desktop session.  You will print as normal to your local printer.  The name of the printers in AVD will be the same as your local printer followed by (redirected #).


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