Can I Change the Internal Domain?

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) ProfessionalEnterprise, and Core users.
Does not apply: to NPC accounts.

Refer this KB article to determine which type of user you are. 

As mentioned in the Nerdio NFA Quickstart Guide (a highly recommended read for all NFA administrators), the domain can certainly be changed -- but only when first creating your account.

To do so, you would use the advanced option on the provisioning screen that appears after you have clicked "Add NFA Account".


We recommend something customer-specific, followed by .cloud. It should not be a name that is too similar or identical to anything that is already in production.

Unfortunately once an account has been provisioned the internal domain cannot be changed. If you would like to destroy the environment and start over to change the internal domain, please check out I Want to Delete an NFA Account for instructions.

We are here to assist if you run into any issues or have more questions. Get in touch!


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