What Is the WinHart Account?

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA)

NFA trial participants and partners may see an account listed on their Accounts page for a company called WinHart, Inc.

This is a test drive account. The purpose of the account is two-fold:

  1. To give trial participants instant hands-on access to a NFA environment, particularly if they may be hesitant to provision a new NFA account with their own Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions.
  2. To give partners a way to demo NFA functionality to their prospects and customers, in lieu of standing up their own demo account.

The test drive account is a fully functional NFA Enterprise account. You may login to the test drive account and browse to all screens. You can also navigate to the "Add/Edit screens" - screens where you can add users, edit existing groups, etc. However you cannot save any changes. A message will pop-up and block you from making any changes to the account.


Nerdio Tip
  • There are no charges to the partner for the test drive account. It won't show up on your Nerdio invoice.
  • Let us know if you don't need the test drive account. We can make it disappear from the list of accounts on your Accounts screen.
  • Whitelabeling is not available for the test drive account.

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