Review Sysprep Logs in Nerdio for Azure

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise users only.

During "Power off & set as image" via the Nerdio Admin Portal or pool/collection creation in Nerdio for Azure the following occurs:

  1. Power off the pool's template VM
  2. Clone the OS disk and create a new temporary VM (Pool-A00-Temp for example)
  3. Power on the new temp VM
  4. Remove local user accounts to prevent Sysprep failing due to any per-user modern apps
  5. Run Sysprep /generalize command on the temp VM
  6. The NAP waits for a successful sysprep and shutsdown the temp VM
  7. Capture the VM as image
  8. Delete the old image and replace it with the new one
  9. Delete temporary VM

****Please note, sysprep should never be run manually/directly on a Golden Image, Collection or AVD pool template. Nerdio takes care of those steps for you! ****

If the template shutdown and sysprep process are successful, your template's timestamp will update to the current date/time or your AVD Pool/collection will successfully be created.

If the "Power off & set as image" process ends with an ERROR state, and the NAP logs show a sysprep error (Logs>Management task), then the Sysprep process failed and the OS did not shut itself down automatically, as it would have had the Sysprep /generalize process completed successfully.

To determine the cause of the Sysprep failure follow these steps:

  1. Shutdown the template again or attempt to provision the pool/collection again
  2. Review the NAP's server module, looking for the temp VM created, record this IP address (should display in the NAP)
  3. RDP into FS01/DC01 as a domain admin
  4. Map to the temp VM: \\<temp VM IP>\C$    (should look like \\\c$ if the temp VM's  IP is
  5. Review Sysprep log found here: C:\windows\system32\sysprep\panther\setupact.log
    1. Start from the bottom and look for the last (chronologically) ERROR and work your way up
    2. This should help you determine what prevented Sysprep from completing
  6. This is often an Appx (Windows Store) package that was installed for a user, but not all users.  This link may help with the removal of the package:
  7. Wait for this attempt to fail after reviewing the logs and determining the cause
  8. Power on your template/Golden image correct/review or removal of the culprit
  9. Attempt setting this template again or creating a new pool/collection.

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