I Want to Monitor the Performance of My Nerdio Applications and Infrastructure

Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Enterprise RDS Environments

Nerdio's performance monitoring module helps you to monitor your applications and infrastructure by simulating user actions such as time taken for logging on to websites, sending emails, etc. With the help of these indicators you can ensure a seamless user experience, knowing that you are monitoring typical user activity, in addition to server side metrics such as CPU usage and disk IOPs that you may be measuring using other tools.

How to navigate to "Performance monitoring" module in Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP):

  1. Log in to NAP as an IT admin. Log into an NFA account (say 5300). From the main menu, expand the OPTIMIZE tab and click Performance monitoring tab:


  2. By default, Performance monitoring setting will be disabled on your account. Move the slider to the "left" to enable the setting:

  3. Click Confirm button to enable monitoring. Note: This task will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. And you will be able to track performance metrics within 24 hrs. Enable_monitoring.png
  4. Once you enable "Performance monitoring" setting, PERFPROBE01 server runs a script in the background and logs data points onto the "Performance Monitoring" tab on NAP:PM_job.png 
  5. You can track the status of Performance monitoring tasks under Logs->Management tasks tab in NAP:Mgmt_tasks_PM.png

  6. Once Performance monitoring setting is enabled, you can view various metrics under "Performance results" and "Thresholds" sections:

  7. Click Details button (highlighted on the screen above) to view detailed statistics for all users under a given server:PM_Details_RDSH01_today.png

    Note: You can view various performance metrics (desktop logins, opening applications, etc.) in a graphical format over a time period (today, last week, last month). In this example, "Performance monitoring" setting has been enabled today at 2 am so the graph starts with that data point.

  8. Back on the performance monitoring page, under "Thresholds" section, you can click Edit button if you wish to change the "threshold" value for any performance metric:Edit_thresholds.png

    Note: As you change the threshold values, the color of the corresponding metrics will  change accordingly, to indicate their correct status.

Note: In addition to "Performance monitoring", Nerdio also offers two more features called Desktop autoscaling and Server autoscaling to optimize your resources.

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