How Do I Set up Server Auto-Scaling in Nerdio?

Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Core and Enterprise customers

Nerdio offers a unique feature called "server auto-scaling" which helps you shut-down servers when not in use or scale them down when the workload shrinks. From the main menu, select the "Servers" option as shown below:


Select the "Server" on which you wish to enable "auto-scale" feature. Expand the "Generate RDP file" option and select "Auto-scale" option as shown below:


Depending on the server usage pattern, you can set the up-time for your server (by specifying the work days, work hours, and auto-scale VM size options) as shown below:


You can either choose:

  • "No change" to maintain the same VM size configuration at all times
  • "Power off" auto-scaling of VM size after work hours or change the server configuration to either:
  • D series configuration for office IT environments
  • N series configuration for graphics intensive work
  • A series configuration for general usage (which support standard S-series HDD disks and standard E-series SSD disks)
  • F series configuration for web servers/batch processing or as game servers
  • G series configuration for running large databases and for large scale enterprise applications
  • B series configuration for running workloads that do not need full CPU performance continuously, like web servers, small databases, development and test environments

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