How Do I Remove a Disk From an Azure Virtual Machine?

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA)

How Do I remove a disk from an Azure Virtual Machine?

Adding disks to Nerdio for Azure virtual machines is common and can be done through the NAP's server module.  Removing a disk will require some steps in the Azure Portal and we have those instructions here  in the following steps:
Step 1. Login to with an Administrator account
Step 2.  Find the Virtual Machine you'd like to remove a disk from.  Clicking "All Resources" on the left menu will show all resources under your subscription.
Step 3.  When you've found your virtual desktop, click on "Disks"




Step 4.  Click "Edit" on your VM disks screen




Step 5.  The detach button highlighted below will detach the disk from the VM.  After you've verified the disk you'd like to delete, detach the disk.  This will remove the disk from the virtual desktop and any files or shares will not be reachable




Note:  You can click the disk name to review the resource information. OS Disks cannot be removed as it would render the VM non-functional.


Step 6. RDP into the VM you've detached the disk from to confirm the disks look as expected (your disk that is to be deleted is not present)


Step 7. Delete the disk resource in Azure. WARNING: This will delete the disk and all contents of the disk.




If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us.

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