How Do I Connect to DC01 Using RDP?

As an NFA user, you can connect to your virtual Windows server via an RDP file. Once you generate the file from the Nerdio Admin Portal, you can simply open the RDP file and enter your credentials to connect to your NFA server.

Here are the steps to remotely connect to DC01:



The user account used to connect to DC01 must have domain admin rights. For directions, see I want to grant domain admin rights to a user.

  1. Sign into Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) as an IT admin and login to your NFA account:Accounts_page.png
  2. From the main menu, click the "Servers" tab. Then select DC01 and click "Generate RDP file" option:Manage_servers_page.png
  3. Select the RDP file settings and click "Download" button:
    a) The "RDP from" field is your public IP address. It is important that you generate the RDP file from the IP address you plan to connect to the Nerdio server.
    b) The "Duration" is the time for which the RDP file will be valid to connect to the server. You can change the duration from the drop down.

  4. Select "Save File" option and click "OK" to save the RDP file:Save_RDP.png
  5. Enter your login credentials on the following screen and click "OK" button:Login_credentials.png
  6. You will now be connected to DC01:

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