How Do I Add Additional Subnets to a Route-Based VPN?

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Enterprise, Professional (P15 and P25) and Core accounts.

How Do I Add Additional Subnets to a Route-Based VPN?

The Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) allows for the creation of a single subnet route-based VPN connection in Azure.  In more complex networks the allowance of additional subnets within the same tunnel may be required.  This functionality will require the use the of the Azure portal.  The following steps will cover in detail the process to add additional subnets to have transit via a single tunnel.

Adding An Additional Subnet to a Route-Based VPN

Step 1: Login to your Azure Portal at with administrator account

Step 2: Search for "Local Network Gateways" and click on the Local network gateway service.


Step 3: Find the gateway you will be adding a subnet to and click on it.  In this example, we're using "Nerdio-Test"



Step 4:  Click on Configuration



Step 5:  Add Your Address space in the "Add additional address range" field and click Save. Please note that Azure uses CIDR notation in Address spaces.


Test and confirm that you have transit to the added subnets.  For troubleshooting, ensure the far end VPN device has parity with the tunnel and any additional subnet considerations.  Additionally, ensure that ICMP is not being blocked across any of the subnets. 

At this point there are no additional entries to make or rules to change and the additional address space to existing route-based VPN is complete.  If you need any assistance with this or have any questions, always feel free to contact us. 


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