Can I Safely Remove SafeDNS?

Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise customers only


SafeDNS provides online safety for private and corporate customers with internet filtering solutions that boost the Domain Name System (DNS) with features such as personalized web content filtering and protection from botnets, malware, and phishing.

For NFA Professional and Enterprise accounts, SafeDNS is included as a part of your Nerdio license. However, you can disable it if you wish. Follow the steps below to uninstall SafeDNS: 

  • Remove SafeDNS agent from RDSH01, WS00 (VDI golden image) and any new RDSHXX or WSXXX VMs that were created
  • Remove the DNS forwarder to SafeDNS from DC01
  • Delete the Network Security Group (NSG) rule in Azure that blocks outbound DNS traffic to IPs other than SafeDNS

Note: By default, NFA Core accounts are provisioned without SafeDNS or the corresponding firewall rules. However, when an NFA Core account is upgraded to an NFA Enterprise account, SafeDNS is automatically enabled.

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