NFA Product Update 2021-09-20

**Attention Nerdio for Azure Partners**

As of Friday, October 15, 2021, the following features will no longer be available in Nerdio for Azure when provisioning new accounts.

  • NFA Core
  • RDS - Remote Desktop Services
  • Hybrid AD  

No changes are being made to existing Nerdio for Azure accounts. These account types and features will only be unavailable for new accounts. This action was prompted by partner demand and requests to tap into new revenue streams presented by remote work and desktop virtualization. As a result, our engineering teams are hyper focused on bringing new features and functionality to Nerdio Manager for MSP.  

Nerdio Manager provides the ability to seamlessly connect with existing deployments, advanced auto-scaling capabilities, multiple customer image management and powerful scripting automation. It allows partners to capitalize on customer demand for desktop virtualization and remote work solutions while leveraging modern, cutting-edge Azure and Azure Marketplace technologies. Please see the linked guide comparing Nerdio Manager for MSP and Nerdio for Azure for more details. 

Again, existing accounts using NFA Core, RDS, or Hybrid AD will not be affected. New accounts created in Nerdio for Azure will not have access to these features.

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