Configure New Host Pools and Assign Users

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Configuring New Host Pools and Assigning Users


Part 1 - Configuring New AVD Host Pools

Video Guide



To create a host pool, follow the article on creating host pools in NMM. If you imported an image from NFA in the previous section, select that image when creating the new host pool. Add one or two users to the host pool to be able to verify the host pool has been created properly.

Once the host pool is created, set the Auto-scale settings to mirror the settings used in NFA. Note that there will be more options available in NMM than there were in NFA.

For more information on host pools in NMM, see the Overview of Host Pools.


(Optional) Importing Personal Desktops

For the personal desktops, you will have to create a host pool for each individual desktop.


When you create a host pool you can make it a Single User Desktop (Personal)
You can skip the auto-scale option if not used by this desktop.

After the host pool is created go to the servers tab and migrate over the desktop. 

Note - During this migration the user must be off the desktop.

Once you hit the migration button you will select the host pool you created.

Please do this for all your personal desktops.

Once completed have the users refresh the feed in the Microsoft remote desktop client. 

Note - In the NFA portal do not set the desktops to none this will delete the desktop
Once your users log in and everything is flowing fine then you can proceed to the clean-up Post NFA Migration Cleanup


Part 2 - Adding users to new host pools

Video Guide



Now that the new NMM host pool is ready, it's time to assign users and/or groups to the new host pool. Follow the Overview of Users article to assign users and groups to the host pools. 


Part 3 (Optional) - Testing Prior to Cutover

This is a great opportunity to poll some users at your customer and have them test the new environment.  A User can be assigned to both the NFA classic desktop and the new NMM ARM desktop at the same time.  This allows for parallel testing.

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