Migrate NFA to NMM via Automations (Enterprise AVD) (Recommended)

Important Notification for NFA Partners Only

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend reviewing the current migration documentation here. As you review the documentation please submit any questions to nmm.support@getnerdio.com.

  • New NFA account creation will be unavailable on November 30th 2021.
  • NFA will be fully supported until the official sunset - nfa.support@getnerdio.com.
  • We encourage all partners to watch this video, read all of our supporting KB's and consider preparing for migrations. The entire Nerdio team is here to support and guide all of our amazing partners during this transition.

  • This guide is NOT for these accounts - Nerdio for Azure AVD with Hybrid AD Directory or Nerdio for Azure RDS.
  • Nerdio for Azure included Identity management and automations that are no longer available in NMM.  Specifically, Nerdio for Azure would place newly created computers or users into any or all of the following security group(s) to enable specific GPO's:
    • "VDI Computer Group" - Personal Desktops(AVD)
    • "RDSH Computer Group" - RDS Hosts and AVD Pools
    • "RDS Users Group" - Users assigned to an RDS based Host or AVD based desktop
  • MSP partners should consider reviewing all security groups and GPO's in full and determining best practices for new users and computers going forward.  Commonly partners are achieving this via OU based policies.

Before you begin, you must complete the following pre-requisites.

  1. Confirm you're migrating an NFA Core or NFA Enterprise Account. [KB]
  2. Confirm you have completed the required Azure Resource Provider Registrations. [KB]
  3. Complete the Install of Nerdio Manager for MSP. [KB] [Videos]
  4. Review Nerdio recommended guidance
  5. Review the commonly asked Questions FAQ in our Partner Community Forums [Link]



NFA to NMM Account Migration should be approached in stages. 

  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 can be completed without client interruption. 
  • Stage 3 will require users to log off their old desktops and into their new desktops. 
  • Stage 4 may require destroying the old NFA environment and existing resources. (review)


Stage 1 - Migrate to NMM via Automations [KB]

In this stage you will connect NFA NAP to NMM, Kick off the Automated Account Migration and plan for Desktop Images. 

This Stage - has 3 parts and generally takes 120 minutes


Stage 2 - Configure new host pools and assign users [KB]

In this stage you will configure new Host Pools, Auto-Scale Settings, RDP Properties and Assign Users to Resources.  You will also want to review Safe-DNS and NFA Autoscale options prior to cutover in Stage 3.

This Stage - has 2 parts and generally takes 120 minutes


Stage 3 - Cutover to NMM and new desktops 

At this point, users will have access to both the NFA desktops and the NMM desktops. When you are ready, you can un-assign them from their "shared" desktops in NFA so that they will only have the option of signing into the NMM desktops.  

This Stage - This is the only stage that may require user interruption as they test and/or log off their old desktop and log on the new one.


*Note: If using Personal 1:1 desktops, please contact nmm.support@getnerdio.com for additional guidance prior to migrating.  Please mention NFA2NMM migration and personal desktop in the ticket.

Also, please read "Importing Personal Desktops" [KB]


Stage 4 - Post NFA Migration Cleanup [KB]

Now that the account is migrated and live, it's time to destroy NFA account and stop billing.

This Stage - has multiple steps depending on your environment and may take 30 or more minutes.


Bonus - New to NMM?

Please review some of these KB's as they will greatly help in supporting this new environment.  



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