What Is the Nerdio Partner Success Community?

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) & Nerdio for Azure (NFA)

Disclaimer : Nerdio Manager for MSP is an automation and management solution. NMM Partners are responsible for understanding, and managing Microsoft Identity Services, M365 and Azure Resources. For Identity and Azure support, please contact your Distributor or Microsoft directly.


Welcome to the Nerdio Partner Success Community!

The Nerdio Partner Success Community is a Forum for all of our partners to benefit in sharing details of their successes, asking questions about items outside of the Nerdio Product Scope and building relationships.


This guide will walk you through Posting, Commenting and Following other members.




Making posts in the community

You can participate in the community by making a post or a comment to ask questions, provide answers, or share ideas, among other things. Before you post, it's always a good idea to run a quick search to see if the question has already been asked and answered in the community.

To make a community post

  1. Click New post in the top-right side of any community page.
  2. Enter a Title for your post.
  3. Enter Details, which might be anything, including a question, feature request, or tip.
    • Use the toolbar for formatting options or to add links or images.

You can add an image with a maximum file size of 2MB. If you add images to a post in a restricted topic, be aware that users who follow your content will only see these images within their email notifications for a limited amount of time (seven days).

  1. Select a Topic for the post from the drop-down menu, if you want to change the selected topic.
  2. Click Submit.


 Viewing your contributions

You can participate in the community by making a post or a comment. You can also participate by making comments on articles, if article commenting is enabled. You can view all your own contributions in one place.

To view all your contributions

  1. Click your profile icon on the upper-right side of any page, and then click My activities.
  2. Click Contributions.

Any posts you've made show by default.

  1. Click Community comments or Article comments to view the comments you've made on post or articles.
  2. Click any link to view the contribution.


 Sorting content in the community

You can view content in the community by browsing topics or by showing all the posts in community, regardless of topic. Within topics you can sort posts by newest, recent activity, votes, or comments. Within a post, you can sort comments according to date or votes.

To show all posts across all topics

  • On the community landing page, click the arrow beside Community, then select Show all posts.

All of the community posts appear in a list, regardless of which topic they are associated with. To show all topics again, select Show topics.

To sort community posts within a topic

  • In a community topic, select one of the following options:
    • Newest- (Default) Lists posts in the order they were created, starting with the most recently created
    • Recent activity- Lists posts in the order of recent comments, starting with the post that most recently received a comment
    • Votes- Lists posts in order by votes, starting with the post that has the most votes
    • Comments- Lists posts in order by comments, starting with the post that has the most comments


To sort comments in a topic by date or votes

  • In a community post, select Dates or Votes to sort the comments by the date the comments were made or by the number of votes the comments have.

Comments appear chronologically by default, with the oldest comment appearing first.


Following content in the Community to get notifications

You can choose to follow select sections and articles in the knowledge base and topics and posts in the community. When you create a community post or comment on an article or post, you are automatically subscribed to follow that article or post.

When you follow content, you are subscribing to it, so that you will be notified by email when new articles, posts, or comments are added. You will not be notified when updates are made to the body of an article, post, or comment.

You will receive email notification for contributions made by other users who you are following, but you will not receive notifications for your own contributions.

You can stop following content at any time.

Following content

In the knowledge base, you can follow section and individual articles. You cannot follow entire categories. In the community, you can follow topics and posts. You will not be notified when updates are made to existing articles or posts. You cannot automatically follow all new articles across Help Center. You must follow each section instead.

To follow a section or topic

  1. Navigate to the section or topic that you want to follow.
  2. Click Follow, then choose notifications for only new articles/posts orfor all new articles/posts and all comments.

For articles/posts, you will receive email notifications for new articles/posts only in the section or topic. For articles/post and comments, you will receive email notifications for all new articles/posts in the section or topic and any new comments.

To follow an article or post

  1. Navigate to the article or post.
  2. Click Follow.

You will receive email notifications for any new comments on the article or post; however, you will not receive notifications when the content in the article or post is updated.

Unfollowing content

You can stop following content at any time if you no longer want to receive notifications. For sections and topics, you can also modify your subscription if you decide you only want notifications for new articles/posts and not all comments or vice versa.

To stop following a section or topic

  • In the section or topic, click Following, then select Unfollow.

To stop following an article or post

  • In the article or post, click Following.

The button changes to Unfollow, indicating that you are no longer following the post.


Viewing and managing your subscriptions

You can view and modify all your subscriptions in one place. You must be signed in as an end-user to manage your subscriptions.

Subscriptions are managed in My Activities in the Customer Portal of Help Center.

To manage your subscriptions

  1. Click your profile icon on the upper-right side of any page, and then click My activities.

Note: You must be signed in as an end-user to see the link.

  1. Click Following.
  2. Make any changes to your subscriptions.

Unsubscribing removes the subscription from the page.


Sharing links to specific comments

You can share a link to a comment on an article or a post to point users to the exact answer or solution.

To copy a link to a specific comment

  1. Click the options menu beside the comment, then select Permalink.
  2. Click Copy.

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