What Are the Different Logs Captured by NAP? Are Automated Tasks Shown Under the "Logs" Module of NAP?

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) and Nerdio For Azure (NFA)

Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) generates and maintains an audit trail of various operations such as new user sign up or account creation, configuration changes, billing events, network activity, system events, and user actions, in the form of logs. These logs help you:

  • gain important insights into standard Nerdio functions
  • proactively schedule system maintenance activities
  • avert security breaches

Let us first look at how to navigate to the "Logs" module in NAP.

To navigate to the "Logs" module in NAP

Log into Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) as a "Partner admin" and go to the Logs option from the main menu:


If you are an NPC or NFA Professional or Enterprise customer, the "Logs" module on NAP will have three sections:

  1. Provisioning tasks
  2. Management tasks
  3. Desktop logins



However, if you are an NFA Core customer, the "Logs" module will have only two sections: 

  1. Provisioning tasks
  2. Management tasks

This is because NFA Core accounts don't support desktops so there are no desktop-related tasks to be logged.



Let us explore all sections one by one.

1. Provisioning tasks: These include logs for tasks such as new account provisioning, change in account or server storage configuration and so on. Generally, when you first provision an account(NPC/NFA), NAP takes about two hours to spin up the account and carries out multiple automated tasks in the background.

You can track the status of various provisioning tasks through this screen. You can search the tasks by account id, name or job as shown below:



2. Management tasks: These include logs related to user activities or file generation activities and so on. You can view/track user activities or tasks which have succeeded or failed, through these logs. You can search the tasks by account id, user, description, category or date as shown below: 


By default, NAP shows all tasks from the last 24 hours. If you wish to see older tasks, you need to specify a date range.

Through the "Management tasks" section, you can view the "automated tasks" in NAP. Click the "Settings" icon (located at the top right corner) to view the settings for "automated tasks". By default, the option is turned off as shown below:


Click the Settings icon and move the slider to the "left" to enable "automated tasks" option as shown below:


3. Desktop logins: These include logs specific to user desktop logins. Using these logs you can keep track of user logins and desktop usage. You can search by username, description or date range as shown below: 


By default, NAP shows all tasks from the last 24 hours. If you wish to see older tasks, you need to specify a date range.

Automated tasks in NAP

In addition to the tasks you see by default in Logs, NAP executes many automated tasks, tasks which are not initiated by any user. These tasks are generated in the background, while the Nerdio system is running. NAP runs most of these tasks every three hours to automatically update user, groups, shared mailbox cached info. For example, when you click “Refresh” icon on "Users screen", an automated task runs in the background. NAP also runs some audit checks to make sure the user count, SAN storage and vRAM usage are in line with the account’s subscription.

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