I Want to Allow Users to Access Desktop via a Web Browser

Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise Managed Service Providers (MSPs) only


I am a NFA desktop user. I want to access my desktop via a web browser. What steps do I need to take?


Nerdio Tip
  • Web browser access to desktops for NFA accounts is available ONLY for users that are assigned to a RDS collection. It’s not available if user is assigned to a RDS host.

There are two ways to access your Nerdio desktop, the first option listed here is via a web browser:

  1. Accessing your desktop via an admin portal for RDS collections:
    • Go to https://rdsXXXX.adminportal.pro/RDWeb/webclient (Note: You can use "adminportal.pro" in the address https://rdsXXXX.adminportal.pro/RDWeb/webclient only if your account is whitelabled. Otherwise you have to use "nerdio.net" instead)
    • Login with your credentials (Note: Make sure your user account is assigned to the same RDSXXXX collection)
    • Choose the collection to login:

    • Once you sign in, you can access your Desktop via a Web browser

      Note: This feature is enabled for NFA Enterprise accounts with RDS Collections, by default.

  2. Accessing your desktop using a remote desktop client
    • Login to Nerdio Admin Portal with your NAP credentials
    • Log into your account (say 5104) and click the "Users" tab:Accnt_users_tab.png
    • On the user's page, select a user account (say Angie Accounting) that is assigned to an RDS collection (say RDSCL-A) and click "Generate RDP file" option:Users_tab.png
    • Select the RDP file settings and click "Confirm" to download/email your RDP file:RDP_file_details.png
    • Once you download the RDP file, follow on-screen prompts to launch RDP file


Note: NPC users can access their Nerdio desktops either using Horizon client app or through a web browser. Refer articles below for detailed steps:

 I Want to Log in to My Desktop and 

I Want to Allow Users to Access Desktop via a Web Browser

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