How Does NFA Billing Work?


Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Nerdio bills your NFA account for usage, which ensures that you pay only for what you use. To help you manage your NFA account, Nerdio provides features that let you monitor your costs and pay your bill.

NFA billing is calculated monthly. You can provision an NFA account at any point of the month and you will be charged on a pro-rated basis, not for the entire month. Nerdio generates an invoice at the end of every month and automatically charges the credit card you provided when you first signed up for NFA.

Click here if you wish to update your credit card information. And click here to know how to enable billing notifications on your NFA profile. Let us first look at how to access your NFA billing information in Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP).


To view NFA invoices, from the Main menu, expand the $ Billing menu option and click "NFA invoices" as shown below:



You will be able to see a list of NFA invoices as shown below:


Click View details drop down to view the details of a specific invoice- say SimpleCode as shown below: 



This is how it works

Step: 1 Calculate the number of users per month

At the end of each month, Nerdio retroactively looks back and calculates how many desktop users were present each day for each customer under your partner account. The system then averages that out for the 30 days (or 31 days) of the month. In the above example, there are 7.17 active NFA user licenses consumed for the month of September 2018. The number of active users is a fraction because not all users started using NFA from September 01, 2018. This is how the number of active users is calculated:



Step: 2 Apply discounts

If you are eligible for any discounts, such as internal use licenses, those will be applied next. The discount is applied to Professional accounts first and then to Enterprise accounts.

Step: 3 Apply taxes and calculate total

Nerdio doesn't collect any taxes (refer example above). The system calculates the invoice total as a sum of licenses, discounts, and taxes for your partner account for the month.

Step: 4 Generate invoices and charge partners

NAP carries out the following steps to charge the partner:

  • Nerdio generates invoices on the 1st of every month with a payment due date of 7th of that month.
  • On the 8th of the month, Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) automatically charges the partners’ credit cards. If the charge attempt fails, an email is sent to partner.
  • NAP again attempts to charge their partner on the 15th of the month. If charge attempt fails again, another email is sent to partner.
  • Finally, NAP tries to charge partners on the 28th of the month
  • In case, credit card charge still fails, Nerdio's Accounting department will follow up with the partner directly.


Nerdio Tip
  • If you are a Nerdio partner, you will receive your NFA invoice on your registered email address, at the beginning of the month. Nerdio will automatically charge your credit card based on your consumption.


How do I view/update my credit card information?

You can view or update your credit card information, for Nerdio to charge through Billing section of your account. Here are the steps:

On the Main menu, expand the $ Billing dropdown and click NFA invoices option as shown below:


Here you will find a list of invoices for your account. Currently, there are no invoices to show. 

Click Payment details option as shown below:


You can view your exisiting credit card information as shown below:


Click Change in case you wish to update your credit card details. Enter you new address and credit card details and click Submit button as shown below:


Nerdio will start charging your new credit card for your future invoices.

How do I enable billing notifications on my NFA account?

From the Main menu, expand the Settings dropdown and click Notifications tab as shown below: 



Under Notifications tab, you will find a section called Billing Notifications as shown below:


There are three options under Billing Notifications:

  • Send billing notifications to Distributor/Partner admins: When this option is ON, an email notification will be sent to the NAP user that first signed up for Nerdio and NAP users that have the role Distributor admin or Partner Admin. If you don't want to receive any notifications for NFA billing, you can move the slider to the right to turn the notification OFF.
  • Send notifications to Distributor/Partner Billing admins: When this option is ON, an email notification will be sent to NAP users that have the role Distributor Billing admin or Partner Billing admin. If you don't want to receive any notifications for NFA billing, you can move the slider to the right to turn the notification OFF.
  • Additionally send to these email addresses: When this option is ON, NAP allows you to send an email to a mailing list. For example, if you belong to Accounting department, and are a part of an email alias, you can enable NFA billing notifications for your entire Accounting team. This ensures someone from your team gets the notification in your absence and takes necessary action.
  • Starting October 1, 2020 we will send only one initial notification for $0 invoices. We will not notify you when invoice is due and invoice is marked as paid.

Note: Distributors can also setup Admin Notifications when a new account is provisioned by a partner by enabling :

  • Send notifications to Distributor admins when a new account is provisioned by any partner
  • Additionally, send to these email addresses


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