How Do I Publish Pricing and Plans on My Website?


Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) partners (MSPs) who wish to customize their plans or pricing before making them available to customers

Nerdio for Azure (NFA) helps you provision, manage and optimize IT environments in Azure. The Plans Designer in NFA helps you package the offering and display plans for purchase on your website to your customers. For example, take a look at this Plans Designer page:




As you can see, a website visitor will be able to get a clear idea of your product offerings and what it is that they can purchase. Your pricing and plans are divided into various sections such as: 

  • Virtual desktop
  • Microsoft 365
  • Infrastructure
  • Help Desk and Support

Each section has various sub-plans and there are various features within each sub-plan as shown below: For example, a "Virtual desktop" section has sub-plans -Professional, Performance and Enterprise And a "Professional" sub-plan has the following features:

  • Streaming desktop
  • Install your own software
  • Persistent desktop settings
  • 1000mbps internet connection
  • Microsoft RDS subscriber access license and so on


Here’s a snapshot of another section: Microsoft 365 plans


Nerdio offers you a mechanism to customize your pricing and plans as per your individual needs. Continue reading below to learn how you can add/edit/delete sub-plans and features and publish them on your website’s plans page using NFA.


Nerdio Tip
  • Once you are done customizing your pricing and plans, click the 'Preview' button located at the top right section of the Plans designer page to review your changes before publishing them onto your website.
  • The URL link (at the top of the Plans designer page) is what you will link to from your website to display a plans and pricing page on your website.


Steps for customizing your plan through NAP ‘Plans designer’ page

Sign into your Nerdio Admin portal; you will see the screen below:


From the main menu, click the "Settings" menu to expand the options. Select "Plans designer" option as shown below:



You will be directed to the Plans designer page as shown below:


By default, the Plans designer page is divided into six components (five sub-plans and a settings area):

  • Virtual desktop
  • Microsoft 365
  • Infrastructure
  • Help Desk and Support
  • Additional Services and Add-ons and
  • Plans Design page (UI customization options)

Through the Plans designer page, Nerdio allows you to decide which sub-plans you wish to keep, or what features you want to include in each sub-plan. Once you make the selections, click the ‘Preview’ button to review the changes and finally click the ‘Publish’ button to publish the latest plan at your website’s URL (highlighted in the above screen). Let us look at various customization scenarios one by one.

Scenario1: Add/remove sub-plans from a section

Consider a scenario that you wish to have only two plans "Gold" and "Platinum" under Virtual desktop. Uncheck the "Silver" plan option from the sub-plans panel as shown below:


You will have only two sub-plans - Gold and Platinum under the "Virtual Desktop" section as shown below:


Scenario 2: Reorder features within a sub-plan

You can change the order of the features within a sub-plan by dragging them to the desired location as shown below:



Scenario 3: Add a new feature to a sub-plan

You want to add a new feature say "Regular Backup" to Microsoft 365 Plan.
Click "Add" button at the bottom of the "Microsoft 365 Plans" section as shown below:


Enter all details about the feature like Name, description, sub plan names, etc. and click "OK" button as shown below:

Note: The sub-plan name should be of maximum 25 characters.


A new feature called "Regular backups" will be added to the Microsoft 365 sub plan as shown below:



Scenario 4:Revert all changes to a sub-plan

Click "Revert" button if you wish to revert all changes you made to the sub-plan:



Nerdio will ask you to confirm your action. Click "OK" to revert the changes to the default sub-plan options. All new features added by you to the "Microsoft 365 Plans" section will be deleted as shown below:


Scenario 5: Rename a feature

Consider a scenario where you want to rename a feature, say "Ideal customer base" under "Infrastructure" section:


Click the pencil icon next to the feature name "Ideal customer base" to enter edit mode as shown below:



Type the new name say "Customer configuration" in its place as shown below and press enter (or click away) when you have finished editing:



The renamed feature can be seen below:


Similarly you can also change the name of the section say "Infrastructure". Just click the pencil icon next to the section name and replace the highlighted text with the new name as shown below:



Scenario 6: Remove a feature from a sub-plan

Consider a scenario that you want to remove a feature say "Support channels" from a sub-plan.
Click the pencil icon next to a feature name. You will see a "remove" option just below (or next to) the feature name. Click the "remove" option to delete the feature from the sub-plan as shown below:


The feature "Support channels" will be deleted from the sub-plan "Help Desk and Support" as shown below:


Click the "Revert" button at the bottom right of the page in case you want to go back to the default settings of your sub-plan "Help Desk and Support" as shown below:



Click "OK" to roll back to all default options on "Help desk and Support" sub-plan as shown below:


Scenario 7: Remove a sub-plan from your plan

Consider a scenario wherein you want to remove an entire sub-plan say "Additional Services and Add-ons" from your plan as shown below:


Slide the ON/OFF slider to the "right" to "OFF" or disable the sub-plan ‘Additional Services and Add-ons’ as shown below:



Once a sub-plan is disabled, it won’t appear in the plans and pricing page of your website. To add it back, move the slider to the left.

Change User Interface (UI) of the pricing plans page

Consider a scenario that you want to change the look and feel or UI of the pricing plans page.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen once you are done altering the sub-plans or features. Here you can find more options to customize the look and feel of your pricing plans page as shown in the image below:




You can add the following UI components to your pricing plans page:


UI Components Action Required/optional
Intro text Type a intro or welcome message under the ‘Intro text’ tab Optional
Footer text Type a footer text for your website (for example: Copyright ABC Inc.) under the ‘Footer text’ tab Optional
Footer button
  • Select ‘Yes/No’ radio button to display a button in the footer of the plans page. Note that if you iframe the plans page on your website, this footer will show in addition to your website’s footer
  • Enter the button name (up to 25 characters) in ‘Button text’ textbox
  • Type your website URL in the ‘Link to’ text box
  • For example: You can add a ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of your page and give a link to your website’s ‘Contact Us page’
Background image
  • Click ‘Reset to default’ to use the default ‘background’ image on your pricing and plans page
  • Click ‘Browse’ to upload a background image of your choice either from your computer or
  • Enter the URL name in ‘Upload from URL’ textbox and click ‘Upload’ button


Preview changes to the plans

Once you change the look and feel of the page, click "Preview" button at the bottom left corner to review the changes. You may further customize the plans or proceed to publish the changes.



Publish the changes on the pricing plans page

Click "Publish" button at the bottom right corner of the screen, once you are done customizing all options on your plan as shown below:


Click "OK" button to confirm that you want to publish the changes as shown below:


Click "Revert" button in case you want to discard any of the changes in the Plans designer page design section and roll back to default UI settings of your plan. Once you click the "Publish" button your changed plans/pricing settings will be reflected on your website’s plan /pricing page.

Click the URL link (highlighted below) to see your custom changes:



Follow the steps below to publish your customized plan:



Hope this article helps you create and publish custom pricing and plans on your website. Thank you!

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