General Pointers for NFA Accounts

Applies to: Nerdio For Azure (NFA) customers only

Here are some general do's and don'ts as you provision and onboard a new Nerdio for Azure (NFA) account.


  1. Feel free delete any of the demo users – Andy IT Admin, Angie Accounting, Sally Sales and Chad CEO.
  2. Keep the system architecture diagram handy. You can find it on your account's "Home" screen.
  3. Enable enhanced security for logging in to Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP). The extra security is worth the hassle.
  4. Use Azure and Microsoft 365 portals, but rarely and judiciously. You should be able to perform almost all tasks using the NAP.
  5. Use the "Destroy" button on Accounts page in NAP to permanently remove an NFA account.


  1. Don’t change the administrator password on DC01 from Azure portal.
  2. Don’t delete resource group, subscription or any items provisioned in Azure and Microsoft 365 by Nerdio.
  3. Don't delete the IT Department Group

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