Why Does My Default Printer Keep Changing?


Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC)

There are primarily two reasons for the default printer to change upon login to the Nerdio environment:

1.  USB redirection may be enabled in the VMWare Horizon client, and we recommend disabling this.  Below is a screenshot of where that setting is on the Horizon client toolbar.  Please ensure any local printer is unchecked.  We do not recommend printing via USB redirection from the Horizon Client.

2. The ThinPrint service is changing the default.  If you'd like to keep ThinPrint enabled yet disable default redirection, please see this article from VMWare regarding the registry key needed. Another option is to disable ThinPrint completely from the VMs, this can be done by stopping the two services beginning with a "TP" on the Nerdio desktop. The advantage of this option is that you make a change in one place only - the Nerdio desktop. The unfortunate side-effect of this option is that it disables printing to all locally attached printers via ThinPrint.

If you are still having default printing issues, please feel free to contact us for further support.  

VMWare ThinPrint Article Referenced:




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