I Want to Use a USB Thumbdrive From My Virtual Desktop

Are you looking transfer large files or multiple files to Nerdio? If your files are on a USB drive or other storage devices, you have a few options to make the data transfer.

Redirecting USB device to virtual desktop

This is done by selecting the USB device from the “Connect USB Device” menu at the top of the VMware Horizon Client.

When this option is used the raw USB traffic is sent to the virtual desktop over the internet and performance is typically pretty slow. Further, the amount of time it takes Windows to even recognize the device will vary greatly and depend on the brand of the device and how they have implemented the interface.

Using Share Folders feature

The recommended way to connect USB drives is to pass a locally attached USB drive (or any other drive) to the virtual desktop using the Share folders feature in Horizon client.

In Horizon client go to Options --> Share Folders and add the USB drive.


It will then appear in the virtual desktop. The advantage of doing it this way is the fact that raw traffic is only transferred between the drive and local PC.  It is then encoded/compressed on the local PC and passed over to the virtual desktop via Horizon client in a much more efficient manner.

Using OneDrive

Login to your Nerdio OneDrive account on your local desktop and copy the files to OneDrive folder on your local desktop. Allow enough time to elapse to sync files from your local OneDrive folder to the cloud. Now log in to your Nerdio desktop and access files in your OneDrive folder. You can wait for the files to be synced down to your Nerdio desktop or locate the files on the OneDrive site.

Using mapped drives via VPN

This one is a little technical and requires setting up a VPN connection - if there isn't one already. Contact us and we can provide further guidance.

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