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Nerdio for Private Cloud licenses are available as an annual subscription with monthly payments. When you purchase a Nerdio license, you specify the number of users you want to include in the license. Essentially, you are purchasing user licenses for the annual subscription.

Nerdio Tip
  • A user license is consumed and assigned to a user when the user logs in to their Nerdio desktop for the first time.


You cannot downgrade the plan you are on during the annual subscription. You cannot decrease the number of users (user licenses) you have purchased for the duration of the annual subscription. You can increase the number of users (user licenses) during the annual subscription. You will be charged for the additional users for the remaining term of the annual subscription. If you were to purchase additional users in the middle of the billing cycle you will be charged for a pro-rated amount, not the entire month.

A user license is freed up when a user is deleted or archived. This allows a new user to login to a new Nerdio desktop without you having to purchase another user license. A user license will not be freed if you disable a user's login. A user license will not be freed up if the user is inactive for an extended period and doesn't login to their Nerdio desktop (while on an extended vacation or a sabbatical for example).

Every Nerdio account includes a certain amount of other resources. For example, under the Performance plan your account will include 15 GB of vRAM and 150 GB of SAN storage for servers in your Nerdio IT environment. Additionally, for every Nerdio user license you purchase you will get an additional 1 GB of server vRAM and 40 GB of SAN storage. If you have purchased 10 user licenses, your account will include 10 GB of server vRAM in addition to the 15 GB included in the Performance plan, making it a total of 25 GB of server vRAM. You can read about the plans here.

Nerdio Tip
  • SAN storage is consumed only when the storage is used by the server, not when it's allocated to the server.
    Let's say you have a server with a 80 GB hard drive, but 30 GB is free. In that case Nerdio will count 50 GB towards SAN storage consumed out of the total SAN storage you have purchased.


All invoicing is done on a monthly basis. Invoices will be emailed to you. We will automatically charge credit card on file on the due date, and attempt two more times (a total of three attempts) automatically three days apart if the payment is declined.

  • If you take away one thing from this article, it should be this piece of information - when you make any purchases mid-cycle there will be pre-authorization charges on your credit card up to one full month's invoice amount.

You are charged for the pro-rated amount. However, a larger amount will immediately appear on your credit card account as a hold amount. This additional amount is automatically released after a few days by our payment processor. Please plan your Nerdio purchases accordingly.


Scenario #1: Company with 25 full time employees

You are a small business with 25 employees that work full time. All employees work year round. If an employee were to leave the company you would hire a new employee to back-fill the open position. Each of your employee needs their own dedicated desktop. Most employees typically work US business hours. A few employees work from home in the evenings.


Purchase a 25 user license of the Performance plan, along with the Productivity Help Desk Support plan. If you signed up on August 15th, you will have twelve equal payments due on the 15th of each month starting in August and ending in July of the next year.


Scenario #2: Rapidly growing company hiring new employees on a regular basis

You are a high growth business with 100 employees with major hiring plans for the year. You plan to hire across time zones, possibly globally.


Purchase a 100 user license of the Enterprise plan, along with the Workaholic Help Desk Support plan.

Lets say you signed up for the Nerdio trial on August 1st. Two weeks later you upgraded to the Enterprise plan, making your annual subscription start date August 14th. As of August 14th you will be due to make a monthly payment for 100 users (and any other upgrades you may have purchased). Your monthly payment will be 1/12th of the annual subscription price.

On December 4th (10 days before your monthly anniversary) you purchase five user licenses. At the time of purchase you will need to make a payment for the five users. You will be charged for 10 days for the five users, not an entire month. On December 14th the system will generate an invoice and charge for 105 users. Your monthly payment will be the 1/12th of the annual subscription price for 105 users (and any other upgrades you may have purchased).

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