What Type of Storage Should I Use With My VM Instance?

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA).

The type of storage you choose will vary depending upon your business requirement. The table below will help you get a fair idea of the type of storage you should choose:

Type of storage  Business requirement Application

Ultra SSD

For Sub-millisecond latency and extremely scalable performance

For example, can support next-generation, data-driven applications, such as SAP HANA, SQL Server, transaction-heavy workloads, complex analytical modeling, gaming, rendering, and low queue-depth database.

Premium SSD

For high-performance disk storage for production workloads

For example, SQL Server, Oracle databases, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange Server, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and SAP Business Suite.

Standard SSD

For cost-effective and consistent performance.

For example, can be used to support diverse workloads, such as web servers, low-IOPS application servers, lightly-used enterprise applications, and dev/test scenarios. You can upgrade to Premium SSDs for more demanding and latency-sensitive workloads.

Standard HDD

For low-cost storage and noncritical workloads that require infrequent access to your data.

For example, can be used for backup and archiving applications.

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