What Happens When a User Is Archived?

When a user is archived, you can assign one or more owners/managers to the archived user's data and documents. A user can also be archived without an owner/manager. Here are a few things to be aware of when a user is archived and new owner(s)/manager(s) is assigned:

  1. The archived user's desktop will be shut down and their account will be disabled.
  2. A shortcut to the archived user's desktop and documents folders will be placed on each of the owner's desktop.
  3. The archived user's mailbox will automatically display in the "Folder" pane in the owner's Outlook, once the owner closes and re-opens Outlook.
  4. Make sure to copy contents off the archived user's OneDrive folder in 30 days.
  5. If you archive a user without an owner, the process of creating a shortcut of users' data and documents on the manager's desktop is skipped.
  6. If you archive a user without an owner, the archived users' mailbox is still converted to a shared mailbox but no one will have access to it. The mailbox will remain isolated in limbo until it is deleted or someone is granted permission to manage it.
Nerdio Tip
  • Should you ever need to restore the archived user and get their desktop back, login to Nerdio Admin Portal and use the "Restore" button in the Users module.
  • The archived user's data and documents consume disk storage, which counts towards the amount of disk space purchased. Best practice is to retrieve all data and delete the user in 30 days.
  • If you prefer to reassign the user license to another user and replace the user, use the replace user feature rather than archive user.

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