I Forgot My Password. What Should I Do?

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) and Nerdio For Azure (NFA)

Ugh, we know the feeling. It’s frustrating when you want to log in and simply keep going. Good news is you can reset the password on your own and not wait on anyone else.

Nerdio Tip You will need three things to reset the password on your own:
  • Access to the internet, which you most likely do since you are reading this article.
  • The four digit Nerdio Account ID for your organization.
  • Your personal passcode


1. Visit the SMS Passcode password reset website. The address for the website is based on the four digit Nerdio Account ID for your organization.

https://ids[four digit code].nerdio.net:5000

For example, if your organization's four digit code is 1010, the URL will be:


2. Enter your username. This is the username you use to log in to your Nerdio desktop. Click Next.

3. Enter your personal passcode and click Next. This passcode is not your Windows login password. It is a passcode you created when you first gained access to SMS Passcode self-service password reset feature.

4. If your passcode is valid, you will receive a passcode via text or voice. Wait for a text message with a Nerdio passcode. We will send the text message within a few seconds to your mobile number we have on file. If the number we have on file is not a mobile number, you will receive an automated phone call and the passcode will be read out to you. You will have two minutes to enter the passcode. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

5. Finally, enter your new password and click Next. Passwords must be at least eight characters long, must include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number and a non-alphanumeric character. You are allowed to change your password once per day.



Don't hesitate to contact us if you are unable to reset your password on your own. Note that the self-service password reset (SSPR) feature must be enabled in the account.


  1. You will receive all messages/calls regarding Nerdio authentication from SMS PASSCODE service number (424) 337-1337.
  2. In case you are not receiving any messages/calls from the SMS PASSCODE service, please check whether you have inadvertently blocked the number
  3. You may have sent a STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END or QUIT message to the SMS PASSCODE service and accidentally blocked it.
  4. To unblock the service, you need to send a new message to SMS PASSCODE service with START, YES or UNSTOP message.
  5. In case you have subscribed to the SMS PASSCODE service, however, are still not receiving any messages, it could be due to issues related to your country, carrier, or cell phone network restrictions. For example, there are some known issues using this service in India due to the government's limitations on unsolicited texts.

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