How to Increase Retention or Days of Snapshots in an Azure Recovery Services Vault

Applies to: Nerdio for Azure (NFA) Core, Professional and Enterprise users only.

This article applies to situations where the default retention or number of snapshots does not meet the requirements of a customer and needs to be adjusted. 

The following instructions can also be found in this video demonstration for Configuring Backup Retention.

  • Log into the Azure portal
  • In the top left choose the menu icon mceclip0.png
  • Choose Resource Groups from the now visible menu
  • Select the resource group name you assigned when you provisioned the Nerdio account (typically this is NerdioRG or <Customername>RG (NetworkWatcher and AzureBackup are created by Azure and do not contain the resources specific to the customer)
  • From the resource group, a list of all of the resources in the group should now be visible where you can scroll through the list and click on the NerdioBackupVault-XXXXXXXXXX
  • From the Recovery Services Vault blade, select the Backup polices from in the manage section towards the bottom


  • In the right pane, select BackUpPolicy5XXX where 5XXX is the account ID of the customer
  • In the new pane you can now change the value of the retention period as well as the number of days for snapshots


  • Click save at the top of the pane to commit the changes

At this point you will no longer be using Nerdio defaults and an increase in one or both of those values will reflect an increase in cost for storage.  

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