How Do I Retrieve a Deleted Folder or File?

Nerdio uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy to take version snapshots twice per day. To restore a folder or file that was previously deleted –

1. Navigate to the folder that currently contains, or previously contained, the file
2. Right click on the folder name and select “Restore previous version”
3. Select the folder for the appropriate date and click “Open”. Note, do not click “Restore”

You will now see a version of the folder with the files from the previous date. Locate the file you wish to restore and simply copy/paste it to the desired folder.

Nerdio Tip
  • Users can complete this task on their own and do not require administrator level privileges.
  • This feature is available on Nerdio servers and desktops.


Additional reading

The following is a link to an article that also describes and completes the steps to recover files from an image level backup created by Azure Backup.

Restore files from a VM Azure Backup

Prerequisite In order to complete steps from the above link, please ensure the backup service has been enabled via the Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP).  Once enabled the default RPO is 24 hours. At 1:00a CT the image level backup will occur.  The default retention period for these last 24 hour image level backups is 30 days.



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