Can I Assign Multiple Desktop Pools to a Single User in NPC?

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) partners

Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) partners can now assign multiple desktops to a single user.

Adar admins can log into NAP and configure the default name of the desktop pool under "Edit account":


As you can see, by default, the primary desktop is named as "defaultpool1". The first name in the list is used as the “primary” desktop pool name. When you add desktops via NAP, they are added under the primary desktop pool, by default. All others are used for enumeration and if an assignment is needed it is done outside of NAP using VMware View Admin.


Now let us look at all operations you can perform on a user account with multiple desktops. Login to your NPC account and navigate to "Users" module:


Here you will be able to see a user "add 123 add123" who has been assigned multiple desktops 1133-WS002B and 1133-WS003.

You will be able to perform all user operations such as reset password, edit user, forward email, monitor email, set autoresponse, replace user, archive user, delete user on the user account as usual:


However, to perform desktop operations like reset desktop, revert profile or revert desktop, you need to first select the desktop operation and then select the specific desktop assigned to the user. For example, if you want to perform reset desktop operation, you need to first click "Reset desktop" option,  then choose the specific desktop from the drop-down and then select "Confirm" button:


Similarly, you can perform revert profile operation by selecting the desktop on the "Revert profile" pop-up:


You can also perform revert desktop operation by selecting the desktop on the "Revert desktop" pop-up:


You can view the list of desktops assigned to a single user via "Users report" page. Go to the "Reports" tab and select "View" option on "Users reports" as shown below:



You will be able to see all desktops assigned to a particular user along with the last login details for each of the desktops. In this case, you can see only one entry for last login details, because only one user has logged into their desktop.

Similarly, Adar admins can also configure default server names like DC, FS, CM, SG names etc. via "Edit account" page:


By default, the server names are DC01, FS01, CM01, SG01. As an Adar admin, you will be able to update these server names to say DC02, FS02, CM02, SG02. You will be able to see the updated server names on the "Servers" page of your account. Once the server names are updated, NAP will automatically use these new server names for look-ups.






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