Am I Using Nerdio for Azure (NFA) or Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC)?

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) and Nerdio For Azure (NFA) users

Nerdio is available as two products - Nerdio For Azure and Nerdio Private Cloud. The two are commonly referred to by their acronym NFA and NPC respectively. As the names suggest, NFA runs in Microsoft's Azure public cloud. NPC runs in Adar's private cloud where we set up and administer the entire cloud infrastructure.

If you are a Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Professional or Enterprise user, your server name is in the 5000 series. For example,

If your account uses Microsoft's new Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) technology, you will account will have "(AVD)" appended to the plan name. For example, the account plan will be either NFA Enterprise (AVD) or NFA Enterprise (RDS).

Note: If you are a Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Core user, your account will only have DC01 server. This is because NFA Core accounts do not support RDS servers. 

If you are a Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) user, your server address is in the 1000 series. For example,

Login instructions for Nerdio For Azure (NFA) users are here.

Login instructions for Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) users are here.


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