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Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC)

To assign a Nerdio desktop to a user, you need to first create a user profile on Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP). A desktop will be assigned to the user only when he/she logs into it. Here's the detailed procedure.

As an IT admin, follow the steps below to assign a desktop to a user:

  1. Log in to NAP as an IT admin

  2. Log in to your account (say NPC account 1134) and go to the Users module

  3. Locate a user (say John Lenon) to whom you wish to assign a Nerdio desktop:Manage_users.png
  4. Click Edit user option to add him/her to "VDI Users Active Directory Groups" and click Save button:Edit_user.png
    This is an important step. Adding the user to VDI users active directory group ensures that the user will be allocated a VDI desktop from a pool of VMs once he/she logs in.  

As a Nerdio user, follow steps below to login to your desktop:

  1. Download the VMware Horizon desktop app from this link to your local computer.

  2. Open "VMware Horizon client" and click "New Server" option to establish a connection to the Nerdio Connection server:Add_a_new_server.png

  3. Once you add a new server, double click the server name (say ids1134.nerdio.net) to connect to it:Server_connect.png

  4. Enter your login credentials (as setup on NAP) and click Login button:Login_to_desktop.png

  5. You will be connected to the virtual server and see your Nerdio desktop. Double click the Nerdio desktop icon:Access_nerdio_desktop.png

  6. You will be able to login to your Nerdio desktop:Connect_nerdio_desktop.png

  7. Go back to NAP, login to the same account (say 1134) and click the Refresh button on the "Users" module: Desktop_is_assigned.pngYou will find that desktop 1134-WS002 has been successfully assigned to you.



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