Certificate Management: NPC

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) customers only

Note: To receive a PEM file, please email engineering@getnerio.com

How to disable Certificate Checking in the Horizon View Client  

For PC: 

1. Open VMware
2. Click on the 3 lines in the upper right corner
3. Click on Configure SSL
4. Click “Do not verify server identity certificates”
5. Click okay
6. Go ahead and log back in

For MAC:

1. Click on VMWare
2. Click on Preferences
3. Click on the Security tab
4. Click do not verify
5. Close and try to log back in

Disable Certificate checking in the Zero Clients  

1. The specific details of doing this are beyond the scope of this
2. But we recommend using known procedures to change
values based on the brand of Zero client used.

Thin Client Root Cert Instructions 

This applies for thin clients that will be using our new Nerdio wildcard cert (any Nerdio customer with thin clients basically)

1. Connect to thin client via web gui (LAN IP address of the thin client)
2. Upload a certificate
3. Choose file a use the .pem you downloaded (attached)
4. Make sure to click button to upload the cert after choosing the file
5. If there is already a cert on there, it should hold both.  Removing the old cert should not be strictly necessary, but is OK to do.

1. Might be helpful to keep new and old cert in cases where they already have the other root cert uploaded.  The former root cert expires 2037 which you will see in the thin client console if it is already installed

6. After cert is uploaded, you will see it on the thin client cert page. Subject, Issued By, Expiration Date should all appear like below:

New root cert:
Name: Go Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority
Thumb: 27 96 ba e6 3f 18 01 e2 77 26 1b a0 d7 77 70 02 8f 20 ee e4
Valid: 6.29.2004 – 6.29.2034

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