What Is the Proper Way to Set up a Golden Image or Template?

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) desktops and Nerdio For Azure (NFA) VDI/personal desktops. Does not apply to NFA RDS/pooled desktops.

  • Do NOT log into the golden image as multiple users.  You should always use a single admin account that is used for administration.
  • Get current on updates for both Windows and applications.
    • Subsequent updates will need to be deployed via RMM or Windows updates.
  • RMM and AV installation
    • Most likely you won't be able to install this on the Golden Image or a template. Create a script or GPO for silent installation after GI or template is deployed. Your RMM or AV should have a walk-through for this.
  • Software Installation
    • Install applications that all users need.
    • It is possible to install every application that your client needs and then lock down access to certain applications NTFS permissions by AD Groups (Adobe Pro Group, Quickbooks Group, etc).
    • For applications that are a per-user installation Automate installing software after GI is deployed.  Create GPOs to install software when user logs on to their desktop for the first time.  Or the application will need to be manually installed.
  • Shut down GI through NAP.

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