What Are Enhanced Security and Desktop Security Features?

Applies to: All Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Enterprise and all Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) customers

Nerdio provides various security features to limit access to Nerdio network and resources. These include:

  • Enhanced security for Nerdio accounts
  • Desktop security features

These services can be accessed through the Security page under the Settings tab of your account. Follow steps below to access your Security settings page.

How do I access my account's "Security" settings page?

From the main menu, click Settings option as shown below:


Under Settings menu, click Security option as shown below:


You will be directed to the Security page. The Security page is divided into two sections as shown below:




  1. Enhanced security for Nerdio accounts : Nerdio offers a unique feature called "Enhanced Security" to elevate cloud security for maintaining their NAP accounts. The ‘Enhanced Security’ feature is Nerdio’s way of implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for securing NAP accounts. Read full article here: Can I Add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for My Log-in to Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP)?
  2. Desktop security features : Nerdio implements the following security features to protect  your desktops and the applications running on them:
  • Two factor authentication (Windows) (NPC Only): When Windows desktop two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled, Nerdio authenticates users based on two factors - user login credentials and a dynamic passcode sent to user's registered mobile number, while signing in to their Nerdio desktop. If a mobile number has not been entered for user, then 2FA will be skipped for that user. So it is advisable to enable 2FA and save mobile number for users from Edit Users screen.
  • Two-factor authentication (Microsoft 365): When 2FA authentication for Microsoft 365 is enabled, Nerdio authenticates Microsoft 365 online portal or Outlook users based on two factors - user login credentials and a dynamic passcode sent to user's registered mobile number.
  • Geofencing (NPC Only): Nerdio restricts access to its NPC desktops based on your geographical location. You can allow users from specific countries to access Nerdio Private Cloud desktops.
  • Email forwarding to outside email addresses: When this feature is enabled, Nerdio restricts "Inbox rules" in Outlook (Microsoft 365) from forwarding of emails to accounts outside your corporate domain. For example: Email forwarding to gmail.com or email addresses in other countries is restricted.
  • Self-service password reset (Windows) (NPC Only): When this feature is enabled, Nerdio allows users to reset their forgotten password for Nerdio desktop login. You can use this link along with your registered mobile number to reset your password: https://idsXXXX.nerdio.net:5000
Nerdio Tip
  • All these security features are optional and you need to enable them explicitly (by moving the slider next to each option to the left) for them to work.

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