Outlook and OneDrive Don't Allow a Log-on

In some cases you might experience an issue when trying to login to Outlook or OneDrive on a new user account. You'll receive a message asking you to login, but the login won't work and Outlook, when open, will show a message at the bottom saying "Password Needed." 


This issue can be resolved by following the steps below 

  • Log in as the user into their desktop
  • Open Registry Editor
  • Drill down to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity
    • Create a new DWORD entry titled "EnableADAL" and leave the default value of 0
  • Completely close Outlook and OneDrive (check system tray to make sure they've been fully closed) 
  • Re-open Outlook and OneDrive to authenticate one time (be sure to check "remember password" when prompted)



This should resolve the authentication issue and allow users to login successfully. 

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