Instructions to Configure Site-to-Site VPN

Site-to-site, IPSec VPN are required for network printing/scanning and data mirroring from existing file servers.  Any location that has a network printer should have a site to site VPN tunnel to Nerdio.  

To create a VPN tunnel:

- In NAP, go to Network->VPN Connections->Add VPN connection


- Specify a short name to unique identify the connection

- Enter the Gateway Public IP Address, which is the public address of your remote network firewall (WAN Interface).

- Type in the the local subnet IP and mask.  NOTE: IP ranges cannot overlap between different offices/locations within the same account.

- All configuration will be done automatically on the Nerdio side and you will presented with a screen of settings that you need to enter into the local firewall. The VPN tunnel will come up automatically. 

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