How Do I Keep Track of Desktop Logins in My Account?

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC) and Nerdio For Azure (NFA) Professional and Enterprise customers only

To view and keep track of "Desktop logins" in your account:

Log in to NAP and navigate to the account (say account 5104) that you want to manage. You will be directed to the "Home page" of your account as shown below:



Scroll down to the "Recent Desktop login activity" section and click "More" option as shown below:


You will be directed to the "Desktop logins" page. On this page, enter the filter criteria : user name, or description or date range to view the list of user logins:


Note: The list of users (shown above) gets updated as part of an audit process that runs automatically every three hours. If you are an IT Admin in NAP, you can select the "Refresh" button (as shown below) to refresh the data displayed under all sections. Once you click the "Refresh" button, you can also see the updated timestamp next to it.


Here's a snapshot of how to navigate to the "Desktops Logins" page:



An alternate way to view "Desktop logins" information is through the "Logs" module of NAP:


Note: By default, the desktop login date is displayed in the timezone which is set on your account's profile. In the screenshot below, the timezone for the partner's profile is set to CT hence the desktop logins are displayed in CT time:


If we change the timezone on the profile to say Arizona time, the desktop logins will be displayed in MT:




Note: NFA Core doesn't support desktops, there is no "Desktop logins" tab under "Log management" module of NFA Core (refer screenshot below).



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