What Is "Email Only (EOP1)"?

While adding a new user or making changes to an existing user in Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP), you will be asked to select an Microsoft 365 license for the user. One of the options available is: Email only (EOP1). This article provides an overview of this option and explains the implications of selecting this option.




The "Email Only" option allows you to setup a user with the Exchange Online Plan 1 (EOP1) license for Microsoft Microsoft 365. You can use this option if you are looking to setup a user with an email account in your organization but don't need the user to login to a Nerdio desktop, and the user doesn't need to be assigned a license for Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Email only users use Outlook on the web to access their email, calendar, contacts and other functionality available in Outlook. Outlook on the web is a full featured browser-based version of the Outlook desktop client.

Microsoft 365 license implications

Assigning "Email Only (EOP1)" to a user will consume one Microsoft 365 EOP1 license. There is no impact to the number of Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Enterprise licenses. The option to select "Email Only (EOP1)" will be grayed out if there are no EOP1 licenses available in the Microsoft 365 account tied to your Nerdio account. Contact us or your IT administrator to purchase additional Microsoft 365 EOP1 licenses.

Nerdio license implications

Assigning "Email Only (EOP1)" to a user does not consume a Nerdio user license. You are free to add, edit, delete and generally manage any number of Email Only users in NAP. Email Only users will be counted towards the number of users in your Nerdio account, but will not be counted towards the number of user licenses in your Nerdio account. You do not need to purchase additional Nerdio user licenses to add Email Only users from the Nerdio Admin Portal.

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