Overview of Golden Desktop Image

Applies to: NPC desktops and NFA VDI/personal desktops. Does not apply to NFA RDS/pooled desktops.

Nerdio desktops are built off a "golden desktop" image. Any time a new desktop is spun up, it is a copy of the golden desktop image at that point in time. The golden desktop image is named XXXX-WS00, where XXXX is your four digit Account ID. 

Over time you will find that you need to make changes to the golden desktop image. For example, your organization may decide to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office. You will have to upgrade the version of Microsoft Office on the golden desktop image so that all new desktops will automatically have the latest version of Office going forward. In order to make changes to the golden image it should be powered on from NAP, next you RDP to the golden desktop, make changes and finally power it off from NAP to convert it back to a golden desktop image.

You can manage the golden desktop image in the Servers module. From the main menu click on "Servers" and scroll down to the "Manage golden desktop image" section. Typically the golden desktop will be in the powered off state so that it's available to spin up new desktops.


When you need to make modifications to the golden desktop image, click the button "Power on to modify" to start the golden desktop. You will be prompted to confirm the action you are taking.


NAP will now process your request. You can monitor the progress in the Server management tasks section. The golden desktop image's state will become "Unavailable".


Once the golden desktop is powered up and available, the state will change to "Powered on". NAP will display the IP address for the desktop.


RDP to the IP address from your Nerdio desktop. Once logged in to the desktop you can make the desired changes, such as upgrading to the latest version of Office. Once you are done making changes, it is important that you go back to NAP and click "Power off and set as golden" button. Do not shutdown the golden desktop from Windows. You must use NAP to power off the desktop.

Once the desktop has been powered off NAP will be able to spin up new desktops from the golden desktop image.

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