Nerdio Accounts, Users, and User Roles

Applies to: Nerdio Private Cloud (NPC). Does not apply to Nerdio for Azure (NFA)


Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) makes it easy for IT administrators to administer their Nerdio environment. This article explains basic concepts of accounts, users and user roles in the Nerdio Admin Portal.


Every Nerdio customer has an account in the Nerdio Admin Portal. Every account is assigned an unique Account ID. The Account ID is a four digit number. When you log in to the portal, you are logging in to your NAP account.


Users: Account Admins

NAP automatically creates a primary user for every account. This user is referred to as an "Account Admin". An Account Admin is a super user and has full access to all modules of NAP and all data in their NAP account.


Users: Account IT Admins & Account Billing Admins

In addition to Account Admin, there are two other user roles - IT Admin and Billing Admin.

An Account IT Admin is similar to an Account Admin in that they can perform the same admin tasks in NAP, but do not have the rights to buy in NAP. An Account Billing Admin has the rights to look up invoice, payment and generally all billing information related to their Nerdio environment.



A Partner Admin is similar to an Account Admin, with rights to access specific Nerdio accounts. Typically assigned to a Nerdio partner, it allows our partners to manage their customer's Nerdio environments using NAP.



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