How Do I Reassign User License to Another User?

When an employee leaves, often times a new person comes in and takes over the departing employee's position. In such cases, rather than deleting the old user and adding a new user, you can simply "Replace user".

Navigate to Users module and locate departing employee's User record. From the action menu, select option "Replace user" and enter new user's information in the pop-up:


Once you enter the information and click OK, NAP will go through the following steps:

  1. Create user with same parameters as replaced user, except parameters provided from UI: first name, last name, primary email address, mobile number.
  2. Assign new user the same Microsoft 365 licenses as replaced user. NOTE: This requires one free Microsoft 365 license in the account.  All licenses of original user will carry over (SharePoint Online, Project portfolio management, etc).
  3. Archive the replaced user using newly created user as manager, except for the desktop.
  4. Assign desktop of replaced user to new user.
  5. Delete replaced user. This frees up the Microsoft 365 license assigned to replaced user.
Nerdio Tip

If you prefer to create a new user and archive the old user, use the archive user feature rather than replace user.


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